Edward C. Eagerton

Everything we know and experience is subjective. What is real is only relative to the interpretation of the person who experiences the moment or observes the phenomena. It is on this premise that Edward Eagerton explores the world through his work. Influenced by dystopian visions, science fiction and beatnik literature, music, and films, Edward attempts to translate these influences into a body of work that connects the dots of his own subjective reality.

Edward focuses his work on concepts related to artificial intelligence, Jungian archetypes, mind control, spirituality, mental illness, and love and loss. Both crushed and moved by life, he filters these concepts through a lens coated with existential absurdity, as everything, at the core, is both laughable and terrifying equally the same. Have you every felt terror at the rawness of love, or laughed at inappropriate times when life is most dismal? This strange juxtaposition of conflicting thoughts and emotions are the pigment with which Edward mixes his medium – melding the real and the surreal to articulate his belief that there is something both beautiful and sinister in the subtext of life, a Promethean illumination to some hidden, unknowable knowledge, his art the renewed kidney of his own damnation and subsequent salvation, an eternal, inaudible comedy of coincidence and synchronicities.

Edward’s work includes drawing, painting (oil and acrylic), printmaking, and photography. His visionary work is the result of his lifelong pursuit to understand the nature of his reality, his life, and the complex undertones within the causation and manifestation of both future, present and fallen societies, their collective belief systems, and the mythology that arises from period to period that societies use as a means to explain and interpret the evolving world around them. It is here, within these ineffable realms, that he works and creates his art.


Group shows:

Mar. 2018 - International Gallery of Contemporary Art - Anchorage, AK

May 2018 - Bootleggers - Anchorage, AK

Feb. 2019 - The Great Big Heart Show - Middle Way - Anchorage, AK

Mar. 2019 - UAA Artist Invitational - Hugh McPeck Gallery - Anchorage, AK

Solo shows:

April 2019 - I Am Become - Uncle Leroy’s - Anchorage, AK

May 2019 - Destroyer of Worlds - Enlightened Alaska - Anchorage, AK